EGI renewable Energy

The invention is based on:
 Self-Electricity generating and charging vehicles its own running
Self-Electric Power Generating home/office Incinerators

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Renewable Energy

Hereby, we introduce two renewable energy projects that have been filed for an international patent with
PCT-WIPO, which is applied for an international patent with PCT-WIPO.

Vehicles that generate their own electricity and charge themselves while running-The technology of Self-Electricity producing and charging the same vehicle while it is running helps to produce maximum electricity with the Self-Power Generating Tyre and wheel assembly to run electric vehicles from the motion of their own tyres, charging the battery while running, and running an electric vehicle longer, reduce the duration of recharging, and reduce the size of the battery pack. A power-generation system and a power-generating solar panel are fitted in a car and run without any battery pack.

Self-Electric Power Generating home/office IncineratorsThe heat lost is a disadvantage of a home or office incinerator at the present. At the moment, home/office incinerators are used to burn waste; The heat from these incinerators is not used to generate electricity because of their smaller size and smaller installation area. But our electricity-producing home or office incinerators can make 2X2 sq. ft. in size, and can be installed in a 4×4-square-foot area. In the present invention, a different technology, a small and cost-effective one, is used to produce electricity from a home or office incinerator.